After a long hiatus, Sony is back in the PC monitor space with the Inzone M9. Given its pedigree for displays, I was keen to test it out and muse whether it would make the PCGamesN best gaming monitor list for 2023.

At a recommended price of $899.99 (£999.99), you would certainly hope so, as that puts it in the same bracket as the Corsair Xeneon 32UHD144 – a monitor that we rated very highly. The Inzone M9 also brushes shoulders with the MiniLED-equipped AOC Agon Pro AG27QXM, proving that the competition is tough for high-resolution IPS displays. The Inzone M9 sits above its cheaper sibling, the Inzone M3, a 1080p and 240Hz display retailing for $529.99 (£699.99).

Now that I’ve had it for just over three weeks, having put it through its paces for gaming, content consumption, and general day-to-day tasks, I understand what the Sony Inzone M9 has to offer. Is it the best 4k gaming monitor for you?