Xbox Game Pass continues to prove its value, with Planet of Lana receiving incredibly strong reviews ahead of it dropping on the service tomorrow.

One of the best things about Game Pass is the way it gives you the opportunity to try out the smaller games in between your playthroughs of the biggest hits of the year. There’s plenty of great smaller titles, like Citizen Sleeper, or Signalis. And now, if you’re looking for something else to play, it seems like Planet of Lana might be the perfect choice.

Reviews have started to come in for Planet of Lana, an Xbox console exclusive that drops on Game Pass tomorrow, May 23, and they are looking incredibly strong. GamesRadar gave the game a 4.5/5, highlighting its “fantastic variety of puzzle scenarios” and numerous “memorable moments.” Rock Paper Shotgun didn’t score its review, but said that “cinematic action sequences and environments are worth your six hours.”

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