World of Warcraft is one of the longest-running success stories in gaming, but it hasn’t been a smooth ride in recent years. Now, the WoW Classic community is up in arms after Blizzard added the real-money item WoW Tokens to the “classic” version of the game, leaving many players wondering where exactly the line is for this supposedly old-school experience.

WoW Tokens are a controversial item that gives players a 30-day subscription to the game when used, and it can be sold in the in-game auction house for gold. Because you can buy them with real money, they are basically an official way for players to exchange real cash for in-game gold. In MMO terms, this is called a real money transaction (RMT for short), and it’s generally not considered part of the “classic” WoW experience that these players desire.

The reaction to this news within the WoW Classic community has been dramatic, to say the least. Over on Reddit, the game’s community suspended the long-running rule that prevented players from discussing alternatives to the official WoW Classic game, including private servers and cheats that speed up the game’s progression. The existence of such private servers predates the advent of WoW Classic, and directly led to its creation back in 2016 when one of the highest-profile servers was shut down after a Blizzard cease and desist letter.

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