The next game from the developers of PUBG Mobile will feature Oscar-winning actor Will Smith as a playable character. In the cinematic trailer below, Smith’s character, Trey Jones, can be seen gunning down enemies left and right in a tunnel before staring menacingly into the camera. We then see Smith’s character walking out into a post-apocalyptic city overrun by vegetation. The scene is certainly evocative of the Will Smith movie I Am Legend.

Undawn is a survival game where players must fight to stay alive, create and fortify settlements, and adventure through an open-world to collect loot. Players can also team up to fight powerful bosses. Check out the new cinematic trailer below.

Smith’s character comes to Undawn on June 15. Undawn is in development at Lightspeed Studios and Level Infinite and is set for release this year on iOS, Android, and PC.

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