Actress Florence Pugh made her comic book movie debut as Yelena in 2021’s Black Widow, and as it turns out, signing onto that movie led to some people in the filmmaking business to get “really pissed off” at her.

Pugh told Time Magazine that “so many people” in the indie film world were “really pissed off” at her when she made Black Widow. Before Black Widow, Pugh starred in mainly smaller-scale films, and her peers in the space apparently didn’t think she would ever come back.

“They were like, ‘Great, now she’s gone forever,'” Pugh said. “And I’m like, no, I’’m working as hard as I used to work. I’ve always done back-to-back movies. It’s just people are watching them now. You just have to be a bit more organized with your schedule.”

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