Of all the many, many Warhammer games currently in the works, there are perhaps none more anticipated than Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2. The long-awaited and surprise sequel to 2011’s Space Marine, the new game looks to deliver all the daemon-killing action you’d expect, complete with gorgeous modern visuals and the return of Titus. And like you’d expect, the game made a splash during the Warhammer Skulls 2023 showcase with a new gameplay trailer. Space Marine 2 looks to be in very capable hands if the small snippet we saw is anything to go by.

“They’re plotting something,” Titus says as he climbs a staircase and see thousands of creatures flying in the area–circling near his location. Despite their insectoid appearance, these enemies–the feared Tyranids–are one of the most dangerous threats a space marine can face.

The footage shifts to combat against a swarm of Tyranids, beginning with Titus firing a hail of bullets in their direction before it becomes clear only a chainsword will be effective against the largest units. Titus lunges forward, striking it until it staggers and delivering a quick blast from his weapon, and then quickly eviscerates another that tries to use the opportunity for its own attack. Evisceration is a theme here, with another Tyranid cut completely in half by Titus’ chainsword.

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