A visual sample of the Zotac Zbox Pico with AirJet — full disclosure that the flex cables aren’t actually connected. | Image by Sean Hollister / The Verge

There are largely two kinds of PCs — ones cooled by spinning fans, and ones cooled passively. A San Jose, California startup has raised $116 million in hopes of introducing a third way: a micro-electromechanical system that shoots air out of a solid-state chip, cooling with a device thinner and quieter than most fans could manage.

The company’s called Frore Systems, the device is called AirJet, and today it’s no longer just a cool demo at CES. At Computex 2023, Zotac has just announced it will sell an AirJet-cooled mini-PC for $499 by the end of this year.

I went to Frore’s headquarters to check it out — and to speak to CEO Seshu Madhavapeddy about what’s next.

GIF by Sean Hollister / The Verge

The AirJet Mini…

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