Cards on the table, right? I love Star Trek. More than that: I love loving it. I drive my wife mad with incessant musing about whether Ben Sisko’s birth constitutes a predestination paradox, or the sociological impact on the Federation of the Battle of Wolf 359. I have an absurd number of Hero Collector ship miniatures dotted around the place. There are more enterprises in my home than you can rent a car from.

But, I am a professional, and wouldn’t dream of allowing my personal feelings to inflate my dispassionate assessment of a licensed software product. With that in mind, I’ve handily split this review into two parts depending on whether or not you, dear reader, would consider yourself a Star Trek fan. Don’t look so concerned: it’s OK to admit it here, this is a safe space.

Essentially, what this is is a mid-tier Telltale game. And I mean that almost literally: the developer, Dramatic Labs, boasts proudly on the game’s website that it is “a collaboration of 20+ former Telltale writers, developers, designers, artists, and producers.” So, if you’ve played The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us (those are the top-tier Telltale games, for reference) you know what to expect from ST:R – mechanically, at least. Although it’s worth noting that this is a complete 12-14 hour experience, not an episodic release.

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