Mobile developer goes mad with first major project.

While the big PS Showcase this week was ultimately a bit of a disappointment, there were some awesome PS5 games in it – and one title which particularly caught the eye was Phantom Blade Zero, the high-octane Chinese action game with the less than stellar voice acting. This is being developed by a team called S-GAME, which has previously worked on a bunch of mobile games. In fact, believe it or not, this is not the first Phantom Blade – there are others available for smartphones.

That obviously makes the leap in quality here remarkable, but many have already noted that the gameplay in the trailer doesn’t look quite right – almost like it’s animations without any actual controller input. In a Discord Q&A recapped by Twisted Pixel, the developer assured it was real gameplay utilising cinematic camera angles, but it went on to raise more questions. For example, it reckons the release – which has only been in development since 2022 – will have a full 30-40 hour story. Okay, that’s fair enough – but it doesn’t end there!

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