Lies of P releases soon, and ahead of the launch of this dark and twisted adaptation of the tale of Pinocchio, two new videos for the game have gone live. In the first video, which is a deep dive into the making of the game, director Jiwon Choi explains how the project came together.

According to Choi, developer Round8 Studio wanted to create a game that focused on its Souls-like combat and story equally. “In order to leave a striking impression on our players, we believed that we must deliver an equally striking story that grabs their attention,” Choi said. “It occurred to me that we should utilize a well-known story, and turn that story on its head. I decided to choose The Adventures of Pinocchio because it’s full of compelling characters and events. But in order to make our game unique, we completely recreated the story into a dark and mysterious one. A story based on Krat, a fictional city, plagued with a petrification disease.”

This tweak to the Pinocchio story has resulted in several other characters from the books being reimagined, with one notable example being the four black rabbits. In the original story, the rabbits are undertakers who work for death, but in Lies of P, they’re reintroduced as a group of assassins. As for combat, Choi explained that the studio aimed to create a realistic and detailed action system that exists alongside an in-depth system of character growth.

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