Minecraft hit 1.0 more than 12 years ago, and even after all these years, the team at Mojang continues to release updates rich with new items and gameplay. The upcoming 1.20 update will add a bunch of new features, and now we know exactly when all the miners and crafters will get to check them out. The Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update arrives to Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition on June 7, 2023.

The Trails & Tales update brings a bunch of new content to the game that should please just about any active player, no matter how they play. This update is the debut of the Sniffer, the winner of Mojang’s 2022 Minecraft Live Mob Vote. Players will find eggs at archaeology sites that they can hatch and grow from a snifflet into a sniffer, which will then help players find ancient seeds that are used to grow torchflower and pitcher plants, both of which are also new.

Speaking of archaeology, players looking for something new to do will be able to find new “suspicious” sand and gravel in desert temples and ocean ruins, as well as trail ruins, a new structure that players can find in cold biomes. Using an archaeology brush, players will be able to carefully uncover tools, bones, sniffer eggs, and pottery sherds (that’s an archaeology word that means shard. Seriously.). Players can then assemble these sherds to make pottery with a variety of patterns.

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