A new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 introduced a new threat for the highly-anticipated sequel: Kraven the Hunter, one of Spidey’s oldest foes. The trailer showed Kraven bored with his jungle quarry and seeking a new hunt, only to be told by an underling that maybe he should head to Manhattan.

Then an extended gameplay sequence showed what Kraven was hunting: not Spider-Man, but Dr. Kurt Conners, aka the Lizard, apparently. Spider-Man popped out of a suburban home talking about protecting Connors and taking out the hunters. But the real twist is that Peter was donning the Symbiote suit, and seemed pretty angry about it. The scene then transitioned to Miles, equipped with a new gliding ability for traversal. Miles was sent to protect Connors and helps dispatch a warehouse of thugs with his own suite of Spidey powers. Notably Miles was accompanied by a drone piloted by his tech-friend Ganke, who hails from the comics.

The two Spider-Mans eventually reunite in the warehouse, finding Lizard and giving chase across the city while the hunters are in hot pursuit. In a cinematic chase sequence, Miles takes care of hunters on jet skis while Peter goes after the drones. But Symbiote Peter is a little too tunnel-visioned on taking down Kraven, making a critical mistake that forces Miles to save him and fall into the water, where the Lizard is lurking. That leads to another chase sequence, this time as Miles tries to escape the Lizard. It ends Miles showing concern for Peter, who is acting very out-of-character.

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