Iterations on tech and peripherals tend to fall in this weird spot where incremental improvements aren’t significant enough to warrant the jump if you’ve already invested in previous models. There may be tangible upgrades to the tech, but if your current setup isn’t falling apart or having issues then there often isn’t a reason to make the jump. That’s somewhat the case with the Logitech G Pro X 2, the newest version of Logitech’s flagship wireless gaming headset. Don’t get it twisted though, the Pro X 2 is a fantastic headset that proves Logitech is still at the top of its game with some notable improvements on paper.

A combination of features make the Pro X 2 great all around–sound quality, comfort, and ease of use come together for a gaming headset with very few, if any, flaws. Lightspeed wireless connectivity still offers a virtually lagless audio experience, the microphone still sounds decent enough, and easy Bluetooth connectivity plus a 3.5mm jack still make it versatile. The big technical revamp is with Logitech’s new 50mm graphene drivers, built with a type of material that minimizes distortion and offers cleaner and more accurate audio. If there are any drawbacks to point at, it’d come down to individual preference for the headsets design. However, coming in with an MSRP of $250 USD is a tough ask no matter which way you cut it, but if you fall into that mix of wanting a new high-end wireless gaming headset and willing to ball out for one, the Logitech G Pro X 2 should be on your radar.

Packaging and Features

In the packaging, you get the headset along with the Lightspeed wireless USB dongle, a six-foot USB-C charging cable, a six-foot 3.5mm audio cable, the detachable microphone, and a soft neoprene case. The Pro X 2 itself still rocks the sleek, minimalist look of its predecessor, and I’m a big fan of this design as it looks like a premium product without unnecessary flair (if RGB lighting is your jam, you won’t find it here).

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