All the best PS4 action games, ranked and rated.

What are the best action games on PS4? One of the best things about video games is their ability to let us do things we simply can’t do in reality. Whether it’s assassinating baddies from the shadows in Dishonored: Definitive Edition or fighting for your life against robot dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn, action games let us feel like true heroes, taking us on thrilling rollercoasters from the comfort of our living rooms.

If that’s the type of game you like to play, you’re in luck, as there are endless examples of great action titles on PS4. Action-packed adventures are in full supply on Sony’s console. If you enjoy some samurai slashing in Ghost of Tsushima, bone-crunching fisticuffs in Yakuza 0, or epic mythological battles in God of War, there’s plenty of games on this list to serve up more action than you can handle.

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