Finally, Miles Morales is swinging into the Item Shop as Fortnite‘s latest Spider-Man skin–and he’s bringing Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099, with him. But that’s not all. With the conclusion of the Star Wars-themed Find the Force event, battle royale will once again have a distinctly spider-y flavor with the return of the Web-Shooter mythic, which now looks like Miles’ black glove.

The Item Shop got an early morning reset to mark the start of this Spider-party. In the shop you’ll find two new Spider-Men that you can pick up: the Spider-Man (Miles Morales) skin and the Spider-Man 2099 skin. Like the Spider-Gwen skin from the Chapter 3 Season 4 battle pass, Miles comes with a mask-off style in addition to his standard Spider-Man look–sorry, no jacket-and-shorts style here. Miles’ back bling is the very trippy Spider-Verse Portal, and Spider-Ham’s Mallet is his pickaxe. And the Mallet comes with the Put ‘Er There emote, which lets you summon the Mallet regardless of what pickaxe you have equipped.

Miles Morales' cosmetics set
Miles Morales’ cosmetics set

The Spider-Man 2099 skin, meanwhile, does not have an unmasked style, but he does come with the reactive 2099 Web Cape back bling, which does this cool shimmer effect when you get an elimination. The 2099 set also includes the 928 Axes dual-wielding pickaxe.

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