Want to know more about Diablo 4 salvage? This in-game mechanic has lots of useful benefits – not least clearing out your inventory after a long and tiring day ridding Sanctuary of evil. During our own time in Sanctuary, the blacksmith has probably been our most visited townsperson, and we’re well acquainted with their salvage service, so here we detail everything it offers.

The blacksmith isn’t just limited to salvage, and can upgrade your favorite weapons as well. However, the salvage service they offer is by far the most useful in the Diablo 4 early game, and is necessary to farm some of the materials needed for upgrade. If you only plan on running one of the Diablo 4 classes, you can also salvage items you pick up that your class can’t use, and get some purpose from them. Perhaps the best use for salvage though is to obtain new wardrobe items, allowing you to wear one piece of armor or jewelry while displaying the look of another. If that sounds like something you want to make the most of come the Diablo 4 release date, here’s everything you need to know about Diablo 4 salvage.

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