“Buckle up for the next generation of Bend Studio”.

While we personally weren’t expecting to see anything from Bend Studio during this week’s PS Showcase, plenty of fans were disappointed by the general lack of PS Studios titles during the event. This has no doubt spilled onto social media, where company accounts are presumably getting bombarded by fans asking for updates on their upcoming projects. (Even this author is guilty when it comes to The Last of Us Factions!)

Kevin McAllister, the community manager at the Days Gone developer, picked up on the mood and shared his response, presumably also partially fuelled by comments made by ex-game director Jeff Ross: “Social media is a wonderful space to interact with people and share each other’s passion,” he started. “It can also be a difficult space due to misinformation and false hope. Silence is usually the key, but it’s hard. All I can say is we’re hard at work to make the best Bend game yet.”

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