One for all.

In case you aren’t aware, Backbone — a company producing smart phone cradles that give them tactile controls — unveiled and released the Backbone One: PlayStation Edition last year. Fundamentally identical to the regular device, this version of the accessory sports DualSense-like design and is the best way to enjoy Remote Play on your smart phone of choice. Well, as long as it was an Apple phone. Not any longer, though, as the Backbone One: PlayStation Edition for Android phones is now available for purchase.

As mentioned, you place your phone in the centre of the device, plugging it in via the charging slot. From there, you can access the PS Remote Play app and enjoy all your favourite PS5 and PS4 games as if you were using a shiny new PlayStation handheld. You can do this with the normal Backbone One, too, but this one has that officially licensed PlayStation branding, which is neat.

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