If you’ve seen the Season 3 trailer for the Paramount+ original series Picard, you might have been surprised to see Star Trek: The Next Generation’s resident Klingon warrior, Worf, isn’t quite as ready for a fight as he once was. Instead, he now prefers pacifism to war, which is quite a shocking change.

But, for those expecting a Worf that shies away from fights to search for only peaceful solutions, that’s not going to be happening. “Well, I think it’s important that he’s not really pacifist,” showrunner Terry Matalas explained during the Television Critics Association press tour panel for the show. “He prefers pacifism, but he does have a giant anime-sized sword.”

For Michael Dorn, the actor behind the character, though, this is a logical evolution for Worf. “He’s always been looking and searching through The Next Generation, Deep Space [Nine], and the movies for who he is,” Dorn explained.”And that’s the one thing I wanted to impart to [the writers and producers].”

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