Linda Tiger’s career in gaming started two decades ago. “I started in QA back in 2002. I worked on functionality and localisation testing. Eventually, I became a lead and then a QA manager at a studio,” she tells me, as we talk at India Game Developers Conference in Hyderabad, India. Now, Tiger is the lead producer for Crusader Kings 3. She even stood in front of a suit of armor to drop the game’s first tease.

An RPG-esque lifestyle system and neat backstab choices that deal with information round out Crusader Kings 3’s host of improvements over its excellent predecessor. A court-themed expansion and a revamp of the game’s culture system shortly after launch are a testament to Paradox’s resolve to deliver a refined plotting experience. Holy wars and illicit affairs go hand in hand in the world of Crusader Kings and the third iteration is no different. Weaving together systems to consistently deliver emergent gameplay is no simple feat, and it turns out that production also covers all manner of small but essential, and practical things. As the lead producer on a game as complex as Crusader Kings 3, Tiger had her work cut out for her.

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