Xbox players subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold can grab digital copies of The Callisto Protocol at a discount through the Microsoft Store. The Xbox Series X|S version is just $56 (normally $70), and the Xbox One version is down to $48 (from $60).

The Callisto Protocol is the debut game from Striking Distance Studios, a game studio made up of ex-Dead Space and Call of Duty developers, including director Glenn Schoefield. The game is positioned as a “spiritual successor” to the original Dead Space trilogy and features a mix of brutal action combat and sci-fi survival horror.

While The Callisto Protocol certainly has a strong pedigree behind it, fans and critics were ultimately split on whether it lived up to expectations when it was released in December 2022. In our review, Jordan Ramée gave The Callisto Protocol a 5/10, praising the graphical fidelity, audio design, and several of the main casts’ performances, but lamented the lackluster combat and late-game difficulty spike.

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