Six Days In Fallujah, the once-canceled shooter that aims to depict the Second Battle of Fallujah, has apparently missed its announced release window of late 2022. Though there was no official word on new release timing, recent tweets from the game’s publisher Victura would seem to indicate that the developer is still working on the project.

However, it also suggests that a firm release date will not be announced anytime soon. “We know this question is extremely important for us to answer, but we’re not ready to lock this in just yet,” Victura wrote in a late December tweet.

Six Days In Fallujah was first announced in 2009, where it immediately became the subject of controversy due to its stated goal of depicting recent, real-world combat events. Onetime publisher Konami pulled out in 2009, and the game has been in developmental limbo for more than a decade. Six Days officially re-emerged in 2021, when director Peter Tamte said that Highwire Games had been contracted to develop the game. This, of course, reignited the controversy. Since that initial announcement, there have been very few updates about the game, but it’s officially still in the works.

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