If you’re looking for details on the Redfall release date, we’ve got you covered. The co-op vampire shooter comes from developers Arkane, best known for building rich, very deliberate worlds, and weaving intricate stories around their fascinating creations. This time, instead of a space station, or the clockwork city of Dunwall, they’ve focused on a small tourist town in the eastern US.

There are vampires, sure. A sniper with an undead eye? Check. They even have a cryptozoologist, because why not. The cast of Redfall characters is varied enough, but how will this co-op game fare when compared to Arkane’s other creations? Many have likened Redfall to co-op shooters like Left 4 Dead, although it’s allegedly going to be more like Far Cry than the aforementioned zombie shooter. Here’s what we know about the Redfall release date, all the trailers, gameplay, and more.

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