There are whispers in the industry – according to several ‘insiders’ that don’t dare to name their sources – that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be the last “significant” game for the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not these whispers are true (or just represent the egos of a few chronic tweeters that can’t ignore the chance of a tiny bit of delicious, empty-calorie clout), it poses an interesting question: what does Nintendo look like in 2023 and beyond?

The Nintendo Switch launched way back in 2017 – almost six years ago at the time of writing. Per new reports from Digital Foundry, Nintendo is no longer working on a Switch Pro and is instead focused on a proper, full-fat next-gen console. This statement has been corroborated by other industry names.

“I have heard that after Zelda, Nintendo doesn’t have a significant game for quite some time,” said industry analyst Chris Dring of “From what I’m hearing I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo starts talking about new hardware by 2024,” says VGC boss Andy Robinson. If these comments are to be believed (though neither have committed these comments to articles on their respective sites, Dring and Robinson are both respected games media veterans) then it looks like Tears of the Kingdom really will be one of the last big games for the Nintendo Switch – and that leaves us with some questions.

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