The Last Of Us hits HBO Max later this month, which will give us a brand-new take on the franchise’s main characters Joel Miller and Ellie Williams. However, a pair of modders decided they didn’t want to wait, and they inserted the likeness of Ellie’s HBO actress Bella Ramsey into The Last Of Us Part II.

A modder by the name of Vontadeh has created a model with Ramsey’s face sculpted onto the in-game Ellie model, with another modder called smasher248 credited with creating the tools to implement the model. YouTuber Speclizer put together a montage of Ramsey as Ellie in-game, showing the modder duo’s handiwork in real time.

A pinned comment from Vontadeh on the video goes into more detail on how they were able to get Ramsey into the game. The process, per the comment, involved “modify[ing] the ‘neutral’ shape of Ellie’s face to a sculpt [they] did of Bella’s likeness.” Vontadeh also says it’s not a perfect solution, as they’re currently unable to modify the original Ellie’s expressions, which explains why the original likeness “seeps through when she’s emoting.”

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