Update: Tiburon announced this issue should now be resolved. We tested it and are now able to get into the game.

Original story: In what is just the latest in a long line of gaffes within Madden NFL 23, the game is currently inaccessible for some number of players today. Some players who have downloaded the latest patch are unable to get past the start menu, as it reliably crashes with no apparent workaround for affected players.

Server maintenance and an accompanying game patch were announced late in the evening of January 11 and applied overnight in US time zones. We can infer that not all players have been hit with this issue as there is, at the time of writing, one person streaming the game on Twitch. However, many in the comments of that stream are questioning how the player is able to access the game right now, so it seems like this current issue is affecting many players. In a tweet, the team said it’s aware of the issue. On Twitter and Reddit, players are also widely reporting the same issue.

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