Immortality writer and director Sam Barlow is considering returning to a more traditional video game format, using 3D models to create an explorable world.

According to an interview with IGN, Barlow is pondering new directions for the studio’s future projects. Barlow’s past three projects–Her Story, Telling Lies, and Immortality–have all incorporated full motion video, tasking players with uncovering a story by watching video clips featuring real-world sets and actors. Before going independent with Her Story, and forming the studio Half Mermaid, Barlow worked on a variety of more traditional games, like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Serious Sam: Next Encounter.

In fact, Barlow says that during the development of Immortality, Half Mermaid did some pre-production for a 3D game. The work didn’t solidify into a concrete project or prototype, but it shows the interest was there in the studio. Barlow described the pitch as a “perfect smooch” between “a 3D character game” and “all of that Her Story, Immortality stuff.”

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