The Ravine of No Return is one of the first proper puzzles you’ll encounter in One Piece Odyssey; a cave infested with hallucinogenic mushrooms that sends you right back to the entrance if you lose your way. That’s right, it’s one of those classic endless game mazes, where only the correct route will get you through.

The NPC at the entrance suggests heading back to Nanohana to find a Navi parrot who can guide you through. The thing is it’s a long way back to Nanohana and, to enlist a Navi parrot’s help, you have to undertake a somewhat annoying quest to collect seeds with which to feed it. The quest doesn’t give particularly decent rewards, either.

As with all game mazes, you can process-of-elimination it, but why not just use this route to find your way through? If you pre-purchased One Piece Odyssey, you might also want to know how to change outfits to those alternate ones you got for free. Here’s the correct way to traverse the Ravine of No Return.

How to get through the Ravine of No Return 

The statues are a great guide for getting through the ravine (Image credit: Bandai Namco)

While you can get through this maze via process of elimination, it’s a bit frustrating when every wrong turn sends you back to the start. Here’s how to get through the ravine to the other side:

  • At the first statue, take the right passage
  • Pass through the chamber with the three monkeys
  • At the second sunken statue surrounded by trees, take the left passage
  • At the third statue fallen on its side, go straight on
  • At the fourth statue set in grass, take the left passage
  • At the fifth statue surrounded by crystals, you’ll find Collapsed Joe. Take the right passage that leads out into the open and go straight on
  • At the final statue buried in sand, take the right passage

Now you just have to fight the two giant lizards and you’ll find yourself in the Great Sandy Desert Dunes, ready to continue your adventure.¬†