New seasonal challenges await you in Destiny 2, as the Season of the Seraph storyline continues on. There’s usually a dip in the quantity of these rewarding objectives from around week 6, but they’re still worth pursuing for a healthy amount of XP, Bright Dust, and other rewards.

This week, you’ll be grabbing your Exo Frame modules by taking part in Heist Battleground missions and completing this week’s chapter in the current storyline. Equip a glaive and mods to help you regenerate melee attack energy, and you’ll earn a few other rewards while you’re focused on these new quests.

There’s also a few rewards available for stunning Champions–certain Exotic weapons and one of the seasonal mods will come in handy here–and if you’ve got the resources for it, masterworking a piece of armor is another objective that can easily net you a pile of XP.

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