The World War 2 RTS Company of Heroes 3 is set to launch in February, but before that happens a multiplayer tech test will take place on Steam beginning on January 11—and you can sign up to take part now.

This tech test is open to everyone, and getting in is very simple: Just head around to Company of Heroes 3’s Steam page and click the “Request Access” button for the playtest, available just below the pre-purchase options. Click again to confirm, and you’re done—that’s it, that’s the whole process. You’ll be notified by email when the test goes live, or if you sign up after it’s already underway, you’ll be prompted to download the test version immediately.

There have already been a couple of multiplayer tests for Company of Heroes 3, and we’ve also had some hands-on time with the campaign. which has changed quite a bit over the course of the past year; developer Relic also recently confirmed that Company of Heroes 3 will support mods at launch.

Unfortunately, players in this upcoming tech test won’t get to sample the campaign, as it’s strictly for multiplayer, primarily to stress-test Relic’s servers ahead of release. But executive producer David Littman told us in December that it’s also a good way for newcomers to the series to see if it’s something they’d be into. Given the price—that is, free—I’d have to agree.

More information on what content will be included in the tech test, as well as a full FAQ, will be shared just before the playtest goes live. Company of Heroes 3 comes out in full on February 23.