Looking for some of the best games like Skyrim? It may be nearly a decade old, but the open-world RPG still feels peerless. The majesty of its frozen fantasy world stole our hearts when it launched in 2011, and many of us are still playing it to this day. Skyrim has managed to age gracefully over the years and is still one of a select few RPG games that can take you on an unforgettable adventure.

Its staying power is helped along with a little help from some of the best Skyrim mods. Returning to those admittedly aging graphics is made easier with new HD textures while new quests can be added to the game by installing fan-made expansions. Skyrim has contributed to the rise in popularity of open-world fantasy RPGs, but there are plenty of other games with reams of lore to learn, expansive character customisation, and a dedication to creating an immersive world. If you enjoyed Bethesda’s beast and are looking for something similar then we have a list for you: the top five games like Skyrim. It should at least help tide you over until The Elder Scrolls 6 release date arrives.

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