The Grand Line Quiz is a quest that runs throughout One Piece Odyssey, testing your knowledge of the series to earn some rewards. The first time you encounter the quiz is in Alabasta, where a girl called Zoner tries to convince you of the importance of trivia. She proposes a quiz, and lays three levels of questions before you. Answer them right, and you get a prize.

After Alabasta, you’ll find a Grand Line Quiz master in each of One Piece Odyssey’s main story locations, all with quizzes prepared. Most importantly, if you complete every quiz and the questline, you’ll get your hands on a Treasure Chest Key, and considering how rare these are, it’s well worth it.

If you’re still making your way through Alabasta, you might want to know the correct route past the Ravine of No Return. Otherwise, here are all of the One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz answers. It’s worth noting that while each level contains the same questions, they are sometimes in a different order, which seems to happen if you fail and try again.

Kid Grand Line Quiz answers

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The first Grand Line Quiz is located in Alabasta, specifically in the oasis in the north of the Great Sandy Desert where the main story takes you to find Vivi. Speak to the little girl, Zoner, to undertake the challenge. Here are the questions and answers for all three levels of her quiz: 

Lady Grand Line Quiz answers

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The next Grand Line Quiz master is located in Water 7 after you complete the main story, where you’ll find a grown-up Zoner. Here are the questions and answers to her Lady Level quiz.

There aren’t any level three questions for this quiz, you just have to find Zoner near Dock 1 to complete it. 

Madam Grand Line Quiz answers

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Next, in Marineford after the main story, you can find an older Zoner in the city. Here are her Madam Level questions and answers: 

As with Lady Level, there is no third round of questions this time. Instead, you’ll have to find Zoner in Ox Bell Plaza and save her from some prisoners. 

Mister Grand Line Quiz answers

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After completing the main story in Dressrosa, you’ll find an old male version of Zoner in the city. Here are his Mister Level questions and answers:  

As with the previous quizzes, there is no third level for this one. Instead, you’ll have to save young Zoner from some kidnappers. Complete the quest to get the rewards, including a Treasure Chest Key you can use to unlock any of the red, locked chests you’ve found throughout the game.